Air pollution is currently a common concern of global society. The increase in emissions and smog in recent years has made environmental pollution more alarming than ever. If people breathe in toxic dust and emissions in a long time, people will have dangerous diseases such as tuberculosis, lung cancer, respiratory infection, risk of stroke, neurasthenia and cardiovascular disease, …

Facing that situation, Air Plasma was born as a 4.0 technology breakthrough in solutions to filter and reproduce fresh air. Using bipolar ionization technology, positive and negative bipolar air ions are released into the environment from the power supply tubes, which begin the journey to find and neutralize pollutants. This is far superior to traditional air filtration methods; because it works in the whole space where we work, relax and relax.

Bipolar ions bind to pollutants, ultrafine dust increases in size, mass and falls to the floor, or returns to the filter, making them easily cleaned from the atmosphere we breathe. In particular, these dipole ions also break down compounds from toxic chemicals such as cleaning products, pesticides, paints, solvents, molds, …

On the other hand, bipolar ions also directly and negatively affect the DNA structure of bacteria and viruses, thereby destroying them quickly; protect your family’s health and your home space is free from infection.

According to research results, scientists in the World show that: Negative ions created by Plasma technology, when entering the human body through inhalation, will have a positive effect on human health. At the same time, the process of ion release also creates a mechanism to supply moisture to the air, helping your skin and throat not to be dry and dehydrated, thereby providing moist skin and preventing respiratory diseases. steaming. That’s why they call negative ions “vitamins in the air”.

Under the current situation of air pollution is extremely urgent in Vietnam today, every family should equip themselves with preventive measures to protect family health. Air Plasma is proud to be a partner with foreign countries to market a perfect product in Vietnam.

Air Plasma Listen your breath!