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5 December, 2019

The very high cutting speeds possible with AIR PLASMA cutting equipment give enormous gains in productive capacity. The combination of this high productivity and low running cost gives you a very rapid payback in the purchase of the equipment. You can cut any metal at these speeds and unlike any other thermal cutting process, no expensive gas or other supply is needed, only electricity.

We manufacture high power machines under the Goodwin brand and offer machines from SPT Plasmateknik (Sweden) to complete the range. Both ranges are high performance and high quality machines.All,uniquely,have inbuilt,compressors so only need an electricity supply.

The speed of cut gives you quality advantages because very little heat is put into the material surrounding the cut, giving you accurate components with minimal distortion and clean out edges with negligible heat effected zone, thereby eliminating many secondary operations required when using other cutting methods.

The range of applications is very wide: wherever metal is cut! We have machines on high speed CNC profiling machines and Robots. At the other extreme of the technology spectrum we have machines scrapping ships on the beaches of India, and processing scrap in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Libya. We have machines in nuclear decommissioning and repair, and have designed a special torch for remote operation in this difficult environment.

The Goodwin range also includes the world’s first plasma equipment specially designed for use underwater by divers, offering considerable advantages in any underwater cutting operation.

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